Here is what you can expect:

First Site Consultation:After contacting me, we will arrange for a convenient time for me to visit.  I will meet with you to discuss your needs and wishes for your property.  This allows me to take the time to understand you and your property and learn about how you want to use the space.

Proceeding with Design:   Once you elect to proceed with the design process, a documented confirmation and a quote for the design will be emailed to you, then I will await your response.

Site Survey:  I will return to your property to conduct a site survey that involves taking measurements, gathering a site inventory including plant material and existing infrastructure and taking photographs of the space.


Design and Build by: Unified Design.

Concept Presentation (for designs estimated to take an excess of 10 hours): I will present you with a "to scale" concept drawing of the design.  We will discuss the plan and talk about any revisions that you desire.  

Master Plan Delivery:The master plan is completed and presented to you.  Extensive details are within the design renderings so that there are few unexpected challenges encountered during the construction phase.

Fees:Since significant detail and research has gone into your landscape design, the fees will reflect the duration of time spent on your design.  Fees often range from $750 to $2500 for more comprehensive projects and full payment is expected upon Master Plan Delivery.

Landscape Design Services

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